Gladstone Pottery Museum

19th June 2013

Stoke-on-Trent is world famous for its pottery and no visit to the city would be complete without experiencing this unique Museum. Discover how bone china tableware was made in the original workshops and giant bottle kilns of the former Gladstone China Works, now preserved as the last complete Victorian Pottery factory in the country.

Hands on at Gladstone

Gladstone was not a famous pottery. It was typical of hundreds of similar factories in the area making everyday ceramic items for the mass market.

Visiting the museum, experience for yourself what conditions were like for the men, women and children who worked at the centre of the world’s pottery industry. View a range of traditional pottery making skills in action including throwing, casting, hand decorating and bone china flower making. As well as china tableware, Stoke-on-Trent is famous for its sanitary ware and ceramic tiles.

Flushed with Pride.

Flushed with Pride is a remarkable gallery dedicated to the history of the
toilet and lifts the lid on the role that potters played in its development. Follow the story of the WC from the time of Queen Elizabeth I through to the toilet of our future.

As well as one of the best collections of Victorian decorative toilets, the gallery features the sights, sounds and smells of a Victorian slum and encourages you to discover some of the unusual historical alternatives to toilet paper. From 1970s avocado bathroom suites to interactive exhibits and quizzes, this gallery is great fun and has something for everyone.

The Tile Gallery

The Tile Gallery features one of the best decorative tile collections in the country and celebrates the ways in which ceramic tiles have given beauty and colour to floors and walls over the centuries. Find out how tiles were made and decorated and enjoy the “art of the tile” from gothic revival to art deco.

The Doctor’s House

The Doctor’s House provides an insight into the hazards of working in Staffordshire’s pottery and coal industries and the toll they took on workers’ health. Sit in the surgery waiting room and find out about diseases such as potters’ rot then be “discharged” to explore the Doctor’s consulting rooms and private kitchen.

Gladstone Pottery Museum
Uttoxeter Road

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