Holiday Tank Action Displays, The Tank Museum

25th July 2013

From 25th July 2013 to 4th September 2013. Time of Event: 13.00 at The Tank Museum's Kuwait Arena

The Tank Museum

Imagine the awesome power of tanks brought to life, in front of your very eyes…

Don’t miss the explosive Tank Action Displays, every weekday during the Summer Holidays. Watch in awe as tanks from as early as World War Two roll into action with thundering engines and life-like explosions!

Complete with expert commentary, you will discover how tanks work, how they developed and how they are used on the battlefield.

You can then explore The Tank Museum’s six large halls, where you will come face to face with over 200 battle hardened armoured vehicles.

Ride A Tracked Vehicle

You too can feel the thrill of riding in a tracked vehicle for yourself as it speeds around the Tank Museum arena!

The specially converted M548 can hold 16 people at a time – so the whole family can jump on board together!

Vehicle rides are £3.00 per person – and due to the frequency of rides each day it is not necessary to book in advance.

The Tank Museum Volunteer Modellers will be attending 25th July – 4th September displaying some of their military models and will be looking forward to passing on their modelling tips.

The Tank Museum 
BH20 6JG
01929 405096

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